Man United top final Injury League Table of the Season

It’s been a long season for most clubs when it comes to injuries, none more so than Man United who top the Injury League in the final table for the season.  When the number of injuries they have sustained this season is compared to those which Man City have picked up, a ratio of over 6 to 1, it makes the fact that they are neck and neck with the blue side of Manchester as we enter the final day of the season even more remarkable.

Arsenal, once again, have had a horrendous season with injuries, coming second in the table for the second year in a row while it is worth noting that four of the top five teams in the league also occupy four of the five top spots in the Premier League as well.

Spurs fared better than they did last season when they topped the table by finishing fourth this year.

Man City have zero players injured for 14 weeks out of the whole season.  The closest team to Man City for injury free weeks is Wigan with five. Villa have managed four weeks with no players injured, Liverpool have managed two weeks with no players injured while Blackburn, West Brom, Wolves and Chelsea have all had one.

Every other team has had at least one player injured every week of the season.  The most players City have had out at any one time has been four (twice) while Man United’s most has been 13 (once). United have also have 12 players out twice this season.  Man United have never had fewer than four players out injured at any time this season.

As usual, one player out for one week equals one injury point. The figures are taken at the same time each week.

The final average for the season is 162.

How teams compare to last year:

2011/12 2010/11
Arsenal 272 230
Aston Villa 155 141
Birmingham 126
Blackburn 143 125
Blackpool 149
Bolton 256 143
Chelsea 106 108
Everton 126 128
Fulham 170 172
Liverpool 95 126
Man City 50 120
Man United 305 171
Newcastle 218 198
Norwich 157
QPR 176
Stoke 97 94
Sunderland 198 210
Swansea 117
Tottenham 249 234
West Brom 136 75
West Ham 203
Wigan 73 58
Wolves 139 149