Arsenal top the first Injury League of the new season

With the new season just around the corner, Arsenal look set to start the new campaign at the top of the Injury League with eight players (Walcott, Koscielny, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Sagna, Frimpong, Wilshere) currently receiving treatment.

For those people who are new to the Injury League it is quite straightforward:

  • The figures are taken from this table each week at the same time.
  • One player injured for one week equals one point.

Last season Manchester United topped the table at the end of the year amassing a painful 305 points while neighbours Manchester City came in at the bottom of the table  and as the club who received the fewest injuries during the campaign with a score of 50.

This season, Manchester City have started the season with four players out injured (Balotelli, Hart, Richards, Barry), a number of players they only experienced having out at the same time on two occasions during the whole of last season. To contrast, Manchester United never had fewer than four players out for the whole campaign.

While some of these players might play for their clubs at the weekend, the figures are taken every Wednesday. It’s not perfect, but it at least offers some consistency.

You can view the final table for last season here.

This season’s average number of injuries is 3.