Matches missed v Injury points – week 1

As you may, or may not know, the points which are used for the Injury League are collected each Wednesday.  What this means is that a player could be reported as injured on the Wednesday but still be fit enough to make an appearance for his team at the weekend.  As teams play on different days, a decision had to be made as to which was the best day to collect the points and I chose Wednesday but I realise that this does not offer a true reflection of players missing matches. It does, however, give an overview of the number of injuries that a club is suffering.

So, in a bid to rectify this, I will also be bringing you the number of games missed by players which will be published before the next Injury League goes live. Confused?

The table below shows a representation of the players who were reported as injured on the Wednesday before the league kicked off beside the number of players who *actually* missed matches for their clubs. The latest Injury League will be published later today with the figures collected as it is a Wednesday and then, when the next round of matches have been played I will compare the two again.  Don’t worry if you’re confused, it will become clear as the season unfolds.

Matches missed = total number of players x matches in that gameweek who missed the game through injury

Injury points = one point per player listed as injured the Wednesday before the gameweek starts.

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