Rooney injury could keep him out for two months

The Sun is today reporting that the horror injury which Wayne Rooney suffered in Manchester United’s game against Fulham at Old Trafford in the Barclays Premier League could keep him out for up to two months which would mean that he would miss 14 games.

They are reporting, along with a number of other media outlets, that the gash which Rooney sustained to his right leg, cut through his skin and injured the muscle beneath.  The Daily Mail reported that the wound required 12 stitches just to repair the thigh muscle.

Rooney left hospital yesterday to return home after spending the night following surgery on Saturday as surgeons operated on the Manchester United’s striker’s injury which went as deep as the bone.

No information has been made available from the club regarding the status of Wayne Rooney nor his likely return date beyond what Sir Alex Ferguson said after the match which was that the striker would miss four weeks of the Premier League season.

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