Stoke’s Huth hospitalised with suspected meningitis

Stoke City have announced that defender, Robert Huth, has been hospitalised with suspected meningitis.  The player, who was sent home from training on Monday, was sent to hospital with what was described as a ‘mystery virus.’ Stoke’s announcement said

The club can confirm that Robert Huth has suspected meningitis and that they are awaiting further tests.

While manager, Tony Pulis, added

It’s a major concern so close to the start of the new season because Huthy is such an important figure for us.

It takes a lot to knock Huthy back, but he was clearly not well, so we have sent him to hospital and will hopefully have the result of tests on him tomorrow.

We’re just hoping he will be ok and it’s not too serious.

Viral meningitis causes inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord and most cases are reported as being relatively mild generating symptoms which include headache with a general feeling of being unwell and most people recover without medical intervention according to the Meningitis Research Foundation.  However, the virus can progress, causing nausea and vomiting as well as a stiff neck, photophobia and altered consciousness.

There is no treatment for viral meningitis so the medical approach is aimed at alleviating symptoms and while most people recover within five to 14 days, recovery can be longer for others.

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