Real Madrid’s Marcelo set for surgery on stress fracture

Real Madrid’s Marcelo is set to undergo surgery on Friday after the Brazilian suffered a stress fracture in his foot affecting his fifth metatarsal.

The operation will be performed by Dr Van Dijk in Amsterdam after the injury was confirmed at the Santitas La Maraleja hospital yesterday [Monday] where the player was accompanied by manager Jose Mourhino who wished to find out the news firsthand.  The need for surgery is in a bid to shorten the recovery time to three months.

The foot contains five metatarsals and there are two types of fractures which affect them – stress and acute. Stress fractures to a metatarsal is caused by overusing the foot or a repetitive injury and is an incomplete fracture in the bone. They have historically been seen in soldiers who were required to march for long periods of time, however they are now becoming more common in athletes, especially those who spend a lot of time running.

Surgery is rare for the treatment of a stress fracture of the metatarsal as the usual treatment is rest.

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