Abidal in hospital for tests on his liver

Despite the news today that Eric Abidal had been given the all-clear to being playing competitive football for the club next month, Barcelona have released a statement on their website which says that the player will spend the next few days in hospital undergoing tests.

The statement read

“Eric Abidal will spend between three to four days at Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic for examinations of the development of the transplant that he underwent last April.

“By express wish of the player, the club is asking for the utmost respect for his privacy and confidentiality.”

From the statement it sounds as if these could well be routine tests and nothing to be concerned about.

Abidal underwent a liver transplant in April 2012 after surgery failed to provide acceptable results following the discovery of a tumour on his liver the previous year.

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Lee Hurley

Writer specialising in good football and bad relationships. If in doubt, assume sarcasm.