Lallana return for Southampton not expected before February

It has been revealed that Southampton are likely to have to wait until February at the earliest before they will see their captain Adam Lallana back in the side.

Lallana, who sustained knee ligament damage, has missed the Saints last four games and is expected to miss at least five more before he returns.

The player was able to undertake some running this week however he was limited in his movement and whenever he attempted to turn he felt discomfort in his knee.

Southampton are waiting for the pain within his knee to subside before he is integrated back in to full training meaning that he will likely miss the remainder of the club’s matches this month.

Southampton, at the time of writing, are offering no timescale regarding the midfielders injury and have been very coy since it happened on December 8th.

His expected return, however, unless something unexpected happens, will not be for a few weeks yet and will see Lallana miss his side’s games against Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United and Wigan.

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Lee Hurley

Writer specialising in good football and bad relationships. If in doubt, assume sarcasm.