Pulis reveals Crouch mouth injury still causing problems

After a clash with Newcastle’s Fabricio Colocinni left Stoke’s Peter Crouch with a severe mouth injury and four teeth which were knocked out, manger Tony Pulis has revealed that the player is still struggling due to the problem.

Speaking to the press, Pulis said

I’m pleased we got another hour out of him the other night and that will help.

He’s still got problems and he’s still got to get those sorted because if he gets another bang in the mouth it would be a worry.

The challenge, which happened at the end of November left Crouch with three teeth completely knocked out and a fourth embedded in his upper.

Speaking about the incident, Crouch said in December

“Initially I felt a lot of pain and knew I’d done some damage to my mouth.

“Something flew out in front of me and I instinctively grabbed it and caught it in mid-air.

“When I looked down I realised I had my front tooth in my hand – it wasn’t a pretty sight.

“I actually saw it fly out, which was weird. But it was the best save of the match because, fingers crossed, it probably means I’ll be able to keep all of my own teeth.

“There was a dentist in the crowd and I kept hold of the tooth while he came down from the stand.

“He works with the club but says he hasn’t been called on in 12 years of watching Stoke! He put the teeth back in straight away and saved them… I think. There’s still quite a bit of work to do. I’ve got a special brace which must stay on for two weeks.

“I also have to wear a special mouthguard for the next six weeks.

“By then it should be healed and they say I have a 70 per cent chance of keeping my own teeth, which would be nice.

You’re running on pure adrenaline. I told myself, ‘You’ve only lost a tooth, keep playing’.

“But once I saw the bloodied tooth in my hand I sort of went into shock. I was pure white and felt a bit faint.

“The top three front teeth were knocked right out. One was in my hand, we found the other two resting at the back of my mouth, lodged into the palate.

“Putting them back in wasn’t a great experience.

“The dentist just used his hand to flip them back into place and pulling them back down and re-aligning them wasn’t pleasant.”

“Neither was fitting the brace to keep everything in place. It took four injections before I was sufficiently numbed up to push everything back where it should be.”

Crouch admits he is relieved he is happily married to his model wife Abbey Clancy.

He revealed: “Abbey met me at the dentist’s surgery and I could instantly see she was concerned for me — one look was enough.

“It’s a good job I’m already married because I still had the big silly moustache for Movember, it was covered in blood and I had no front teeth! It’s not a great look!”

“I’ve got to wear this huge metal brace — all I need is a few more spots and I can go back to school.

“The boys are giving me stick and I’m getting called all sorts.”

Crouch will require further corrective surgery.

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