Ruddy on course to be back for Norwich before end of season

The Norwich manager has revealed that goalkeeper John Ruddy is progressing as expected and is hopeful that the player will return to the starting line-up before the end of the season.

Speaking today, Hougton said

‘John Ruddy is progressing and he is still on course for a return before the end of the season.’

Ruddy suffered a thigh injury during Norwich’s 1-1 draw against his former side Everton in November and was initially ruled out for three months after it required surgery.

The injury was then discovered to be worse than first feared as it was revealed the muscle had been ‘ripped off’ the bone and the player was then ruled out until April.

At the start of the week, Ruddy told Radio Norfolk about the injury, saying

“I ruptured my thigh, the top muscle. It basically ripped off the bone.

“I had the operation a week later. It all went very well. I had three and a half weeks off twiddling my thumbs.

“Now I’m back and I’m making really good progress.

“The brace comes off [on Friday]. I started quad loading this week and we’re really happy with how it’s gone.

“I see the team every day, but I’m not doing any work with them. They’re busy out in the snow and I’m in the nice warm environment of the gym.

“I’m with the physios mostly and making sure I’m fitter and stronger when I come back.”

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Lee Hurley

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