Two screws inserted in to Casillas thumb

Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas is recovering well after he underwent surgery on the thumb of his left hand following a break to his metacarpal.

Speaking about the surgery, Dr. Del Cerro said

The broken fragments have been synthesized with two screws.

The recovery period is eight to 12 weeks. [There has been] complete rebuilding.

It was much better than I expected. Now he is fine but a bit sleepy.

I will go step by step so there are no consequences in restoring.

The screws are 17mm long and 2mm wide. They will stay inside.

Expert Marta Guillen added

The thumb position is used more often.

As a goalkeeper he has to extend his wrist and thumb in his daily work and suffer many falls on his hand.

If it was an outfield player the chances are he could play after a short period of time.

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Lee Hurley

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