Van Persie – My injuries were just down to bad luck

Manchester United’s Robin van Persie believes that the injury problems he suffered during his eight year spell at Arsenal were more down to bad luck than any problem with his make-up or Arsenal’s medical staff.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the Premier League’s leading goalscorer said

If you go back to my injuries, people just look at the stats and for a couple of years those stats weren’t great. But most of those injuries were impact injuries, they can happen. I was mostly unlucky.

I don’t think it was me to blame, or the club medical staff to blame. I was just unlucky.

Van Persie seems to have overcome his bad luck in the last season and a half as he has not suffered an injury which has sidelined him for any significant amount of time since he suffered a groin strain at the end of February 2012. That was his first injury since an ankle injury kept him out at the start of the 2011/1012 season.

Van Persie has suffered two hip/thigh injuries during his time with Manchester United, neither causing him significant problems.

View van Persie’s full injury record here.

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Lee Hurley

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