UPDATED West Ham’s Potts recovering well but will remain in hospital

West Ham’s Dan Potts had to receive lengthy treatment on the Emirates pitch last night during the Premier League game against Arsenal with play stopped for around ten minutes however reports this morning are that the young defender is revering well.

Suffering a severe concussion, Potts was taken straight to hospital and did not regain consciousness until he was in the ambulance. Even though he had regained consciousness he was reported as having difficulty answering questions from the medical staff and was kept in hospital overnight for observation.

Speaking about the incident, manager Sam Allardyce said

“He had not regained consciousness by the time he was taken off

“The clash of heads initially knocked him out and he hit the floor as a dead weight and I think that is what the problem was.

“He hadn’t spoken when he came off the field. He spoke about some things that they asked him on the pitch but they were not the correct answers so that is how we knew he was concussed. He was communicating but was obviously confused.

“He is in observation tonight but you don’t know with these things, only X-rays will tell if anything else is wrong, but hopefully it is just concussion.

“We will do everything in our power to make sure he has a quick recovery.

“They put him on the oxygen and strapped him just to make sure there was no damage to the spine or the neck. When you hit the floor like that it might be a problem. Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery. As he lost consciousness it is a minimum of two weeks I think before he can play again.”

[UPDATE 10.38 – West Ham have confirmed that Danny Potts will remain in hospital today for further tests. They Tweeted:

“West Ham United can confirm that Dan Potts will undergo scans and further assessment in hospital on Thursday.

“On behalf of Dan, the club would like to thank fans for all their messages of support for the defender and join them in wishing him well.]

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