Injury League vs Age of Teams – Week 32

By Mark J. Fine

Aston Villa continues to be the youngest side in the Barclay’s Premier League at 24.6, followed by Southampton (back down to 25.5), Arsenal (25.8), and Liverpool (higher at 26.4). Fulham continue as the oldest at 30.9. The number of injured players on the Injury League list increased by three to 82 from 79 last week. No teams’ Injury Age was significantly impacted by injury this week.

As a diversion from the usual format, there are a couple of special points of note this week at the fringes of the Injury League table: First is Newcastle United, who could almost field a side with the amount of people they regularly have listed as injured. In fact it’s starting to become difficult to find the ages for the reserve players they are now rotating in. As a result, Newcastle have named a total of 37 different players as either starters or subs so far – the most of any other team. On the other side of the spectrum, it is quite astonishing (or ironic, or both) that Stoke have the least amount of injuries for the season. They have a total of 0 (zero) players listed as injured this week, which is something they’ve achieved twice before, albeit much earlier in the season (29 Aug and 3 Oct). Buying football tickets for Stoke and it seems as if you will be guaranteed to see their first choice 11 whereas in previous years, buying Arsenal match tickets meant you often took a risk as to which players you would see due to their lengthy injury history.

The trend continues where injuries reported for teams at the top of the Premier League Injury Table seem to be amongst players around 26 years of age, as shown by the red ellipse. These also tend to be younger playing sides than those with fewer injuries, which is grouped by the blue ellipse.

The statistics are compiled as follows: The average age of each team as weighted by playing time is shown along the horizontal axis. The average age of each injured player comprising the Premier League Injury Table is shown along the vertical axis. The value in the current Premier League Injury Table is used for the relative size of each bubble.

All statistics are inclusive of Barklay’s Premier League matches through 17 Mar, going into the International Break, with injuries reported via The Physio Room at ~0940 GMT on 20 Mar.

Injury Age Graph-20Mar13 Injury Age Table-20Mar13The Premier League Injury Table can be found here.

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