Injury League vs Age of Teams – Week 36

By Mark J. Fine

Aston Villa are still the youngest side in the Barclay’s Premier League, and now even a bit lower at 24.5. They are followed by Southampton (25.6), Arsenal (25.9), and Liverpool, who are still tied with Newcastle at 26.5. Fulham remain the oldest at 31.0. The number of injured players on the Injury League list decreased by 6 from 81 down to 75.

No teams’ Injury Age was significantly impacted by injury this week. Only five teams have had changes of +/- 0.1 year, though it’s been noted that several teams’ injury ages have been creeping upward over the past several weeks. Bucking that trend, Liverpool’s injury age is edging noticeably downward and is now at 24.6, almost crossing the ellipse.

The trend continues where injuries reported for teams at the top of the Premier League Injury Table seem to be amongst players around 26 years of age, as shown by the red ellipse. These also tend to be younger playing sides than those with fewer injuries, which is grouped by the blue ellipse.

The statistics are compiled as follows: The average age of each team as weighted by playing time is shown along the horizontal axis. The average age of each injured player comprising the Premier League Injury Table is shown along the vertical axis. The value in the current Premier League Injury Table is used for the relative size of each bubble.

All statistics are inclusive of Barclay’s Premier League matches through 16 Apr, with injuries reported via The Physio Room at ~1715 GMT on 17 Apr.

Injury Age Graph-17Apr13 Injury Age Table-17Apr13The Premier League Injury Table can be found here.

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