Wenger denies Wilshere ankle problem

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has moved to quieten speculation that midfielder Jack Wilshere could have a more serious underlying problem with his ankle after rumours surfaced at the weekend regarding surgery being required.

Wilshere, who missed six weeks with a problem with his ankle, played the last 20 minutes for Arsenal against Fulham at the weekend and after the match, Wenger told the official Arsenal site

“He was in a bit [of pain] after the game but I just felt we had to stop him because of inflammation last time and I just felt to give him three games in six days would be too much.

“Now he has a break until next Sunday [against Manchester United] and that is different so he will be available. There is no basic ankle problem.

“I do not want to go into a vicious circle again when I play him, I play him, I play him and then suddenly… I think coming back after six weeks out, two games in a week was enough.

“I don’t want the game in England to lose the commitment and combative side. But Jack has a game that is based on dribbling so he is more exposed to kicks than players who are just passing players. You don’t want him to lose that because that is his strength.”

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Lee Hurley

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