Newcastle the team with most injuries over course of the season

As the season draws to a close with only one Premier League game left, the final Injury League table has been completed and Newcastle sit atop as the team which suffered the most injuries over the course of the 2012/1013 season.

In contrast, Stoke were firmly rooted to the bottom of the table, some 194 points behind the league leaders.

Newcastle finished fourth last year with 218 points so they saw a significant increase this season.

Arsenal, who have finished in the runners-up spot for the past few seasons slipped to third as they enjoyed a better season on the injury front.

Last season’s winners, Manchester United, who finished top with 305 points [ a higher total than Newcastle topped with this season] fell to fifth place and last season’s bottom place team, Manchester City who had 50 points [some 30 points less than Stoke this season] found themselves finishing this season in tenth place.

The final Injury League table of the season is below [last season’s can be viewed here]:


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