De Bruyne knee injury not believed to be serious

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed that the knee injury suffered by Kevin De Bruyne is not believed to be serious despite the fact he was taken off on a stretcher and seemed in obvious pain.

The Belgian suffered the injury when he was in the act of scoring during Chelsea’s pre-season friendly against a Malaysia XI and immediately signalled to the bench causing many to fear the worst.

Speaking after the match, however, Mourinho said

“When he was on the floor and asking for a change, everybody on the bench, we thought the worst.

“The first assessment by the doctor was that it was not the ligaments for sure and if it is something in the meniscus, then it has to be a very small injury.

“So we believe it is not an important injury and hopefully it isn’t because the kid is a fantastic player and is showing to you match after match and showing to me in training that he is going to be a key man on the pitch.”

De Bruyne will undergo an assessment on his knee tomorrow [Monday] and while initial reports indicated that he might come back to London ahead of schedule, all indications are that he will travel to Jakarta with the rest of the squad for the next leg of Chelsea’s pre-season tour.

The menisci in the knee are cartilage tissue that help to absorb shock to protect the knee joint from damage and most problems in this area are caused by tears.  The most common way that a meniscus can be torn is by twisting the knee forcefully which results in swelling, pain and knee lock.  While some tears can heal by themselves, operations which trim, fix or even remove the meniscus are often advised.

Twisting the knee while the foot is on the ground is one of the main ways this injury occurs. Unfortunately, once the meniscal cartilage is torn it does not heal very well due to the poor blood supply it receives/  The centre of the meniscus has no direct blood supply meaning that larger tears, or tears which occur in the middle tend not to heal hence the need for surgery so Chelsea will be hoping that a tear has not occurred.

The 21 year old has been the subject of transfer speculation over the summer with German side Borussia Dortmund interested in taking the player back to the Bundeslia where he enjoyed an impressive loan spell with Werder Bremen however Jose Mourinho is keen to give him a chance at Chelsea

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