Higuain Arsenal medical reported

The Guardian are today reporting that Gonzalo Higuain is expected to fly to London this week to undergo a medical at the Emirates before completing his £23m move from La Liga to join Arsenal in the Premier League.

Arsenal, who conduct their own medicals after they stopped using an outside company, will thoroughly test Higuain’s joints, muscles, blood, and respiratory system.

He will be quizzed on aspects of his health which will also include questions about his family to determine if there are any hereditary diseases which run in the family.

The use of an electrocardiogram will rule out any cardian abnormalities and he will also have his body fat levels checked along with his pulse rate.

Medicals today are a lot more stringent than they used to be. With players such as Higuain commanding huge fees and large wages, Arsenal like all clubs, will want to make sure that they are not taking a risk when it comes to the players ability to perform for them in the future.

Arsenal fans will also be pleased to know that Higuain has suffered very few injuries during his playing career. Back trouble [a hernia] caused a relatively lengthy layoff at the end of 2010 which stretched in to 2011. That problem required surgery at the time after it failed to respond to other treatment.

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