Yaya Sanogo’s injury record

There has been some concern from Arsenal fans over new signing Yaya Sanogo’s injury record and the player himself has spoken about the dark days he faced when he was sidelined for a long period.

But while the player spent a long time out injured his injury record reads more like an unlucky player than an injury-prone one.

The injuries he has suffered so far include

  • Abductor muscle tear.
  • Broken forearm
  • Tibia fracture.
  • Problems caused by original fracture.
  • Thigh injury.

It was the fracture of his leg in September 2010 which caused the most problems although he had fully recovered enough for the start of the 2011 season after six months rehabilitation.

Shortly after he netted his first senior goal he suffered a problem which was related to the original leg break which then kept him out of action for another year, but bince his return at the end of 2012 he has really found his feet, scoring nine goals in seven starts.

Arsenal fans should be no stranger to the complications suffered by players after a leg break and they will perhaps be wary, citing Diaby and Eduardo as reasons to be concerned. The differences with those is that those breaks both affected the ankle joint which are significantly worse and harder to recover from.

Sanogo’s injury was more like Aaron Ramsey’s and while it has taken the Welshman a while to get back to his top form he is finally starting to do that.

Sanogo also suffered a thigh injury recently, but as Arsenal fans also know, muscle issues can be expected after a player has been out for a long period of time.

There is no doubt that the Arsenal medical team would have thoroughly checked out Sanogo’s leg and as he passed his medical it is unlikely that there is anything to be concerned about and if any medical team know what to expect, it’s Arsenal’s.


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Lee Hurley

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