Key Injuries At The Outset Of The Premier League

The Premier League 2013 is now underway, with the opening weekend having showcased great action right off the bat. Liverpool and Stoke City kicked things off early on Saturday the 17th (with Liverpool winning a 1-0 thriller), and the action continues this week (for a full schedule, visit

For football fans in UK and all over the world, this marks an exciting week, full of excitement and anticipation. Will favourites like Man City, Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal be able to perform up to expectations? Will Mourinho’s return to Chelsea be triumphant, and will David Moyes’s start with Man United be smooth? These are important questions for fans looking to follow the league and you can keep up to date on all the injury news right here on this site.

Some fans, of course, go beyond following and put a personal stake in the games. At, fans are able to place real money on everything from match outcomes, to who will come away with the Golden Boot. But of course, to properly analyze the League and anticipate outcomes, fans need to know who’s on the field! An updated injury list for Premier League teams can be found at or here on InjuryLeague in the ‘current injuries’ section along with the only Premier League Injury League table which is updated weekly [every Wednesday] – but in the meantime, here are a few highlight injuries with potential to seriously impact the Premier League in the early going.

    • Jan Vertonghen (Defender, Tottenham Hotspur) – Vertonghen entered the Premier League with an ankle injury sustained off the field, and many expected him to miss the opener on August 18 against Crystal Palace. Vertonghen ended up playing in the opener, and playing well in Tottenham’s victory, but an ankle injury can be a nagging problem, so he should still be watched carefully moving forward.
    • Wayne Rooney (Forward, Man United) – Rooney is a bit banged up all over, with injuries to his hamstring and shoulder. He made an appearance in the opener against Swansea City, but Chelsea speculation combined with the injury making him a bit of a wildcard moving forward.
    • Sergio Aguero (Forward, Man City) – Aguero is expected by many to be ready to go for the opener Monday night against Newcastle. However, he’s worth mentioning due to a nagging knee injury. Aguero should be one of the highest goal scorers in the League this season, and with Man City a favourite, even a minor injury is of concern.
    • Abou Diaby (Midfielder, Arsenal) – As most fans recall, Diaby tore his ACL back in March, and is therefore expected to miss a good portion of the season. Arsenal have known they’ll be without Diaby for some time now, and are still expected to compete, but if he can come back they’ll get a serious boost however the injury which Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain picked up against Villa on the opening day could turn out to be an even bigger blow to the Gunners.
    • Luis Suarez (Forward, Liverpool) – Suarez actually isn’t hurt, but a suspension will keep him out for the first 6 games this season. Losing a player of Suarez’s caliber, to suspension or injury, is a massive blow to Liverpool, and could send them reeling from the start.
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