Updates – Messi, Kagawa, Baker

Aston Villa

Aston Villa’s Nathan Baker has been given the go-ahead to rejoin the Aston Villa squad after being out of action since he twisted his ankle on the opening day when Villa travelled to Arsenal. The player is hopeful that he will be included in Villa’s squad for their game against Newcastle when the Premier League returns this weekend.


Former Brazil striker Romario has claimed that Barcelona’s Lionel Messi suffers from Asperger Syndrome, a form or autism.

Romario tweeted

“Did you know that Lionel Messi suffered from Asperger syndrome It is a mild form of autism, who gave him the gift of a level above the others.

“Newton and Einstein also had some level of autism, I hope Messi arrives to manage this condition and will continue to present his good football.”

The claim that Lionel Messi has Asperger’s has not been confirmed by anyone with the relevant qualifications or the player himself.

Manchester United

Shinji Kagawa has stated that he does not know why he is not being picked for Manchester United raising doubts over the claims that he is not fully fit.

Kagawa told AFP

“Please ask David Moyes why I’m not in the side, it is frustrating not playing but to score a goal like that [for Japan] gives me confidence. Hopefully I can take that back to my club with me and things will improve.

“It’s hard not playing regularly. Some days the frustration is worse than others – it comes in waves.

“So it’s nice to come back to Japan and get to play, and to score felt good. I missed one in the first half tonight so when the chance opened up in the second for me to shoot I wanted to take it on.

“I think I caught it flush – I don’t remember. I just have to keep working hard and keep pushing for my chance. When I get back it will be a challenge to get into the team.

“It’s nice to feel support but I have to do my talking on the pitch.

“When I get back to my club I have to wait for my chance in the Champions League and the Premier League. I’m sure my chance will come.”

Kagawa has only played seven minutes under David Moyes for Manchester United in the Community Shield. For their game against Liverpool he was not in the Manchester United squad at all and watched the game from the stands.

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