Ramsey – People knew what I was capable of before my leg break

Aaron Ramsey has given his first newspaper interview of the season to Jeremy Wilson of the Telegraph and in it he talks about recovering from his horrific leg break at Stoke when he was just starting to really shine at Arsenal as well as the criticism he came in for last season and how he believes he has put it all behind him.

Harshly criticised by some sections of the Arsenal support last year despite enduring the broken leg, losing the captaincy of his country and his mentor, Gary Speed, to suicide, all at a very young age, Ramsey has put all doubters in their place with consistent, high-level performances which have seen him start to be named amongst the best midfielders in Europe.

Ramsey told the Telegraph

“People are quick to jump on players who are not doing particularly well. I think I proved a lot of people wrong, hopefully made them look a bit silly because they knew what I was capable of before my leg break and then quickly after they were soon to criticise.

“If something like that does happen to another player they will realise the implications of the injury.

“I was always confident in my ability and what I could do on the pitch. Even though things maybe weren’t happening as I would have liked, I wouldn’t shy away. I tried things and would still do what I thought was right.

“The main thing is the manager and me believing in my ability. I’m doing now what I knew I could do and what the manager knew I could do.”

“I always believed I would come through in the end but it was all about getting my confidence back, getting what happened [against Stoke] out of my head.

“To overcome that takes a bit of time mentally. I think I overcame that last year and things started to happen naturally.”

It’s easy to forget that before his leg break, Ramsey was a stand-out player for Arsenal and as the Wilshere struggles to get a run of games together due to persistent ankle problems, the Welshman has not wasted the chance to build on his terrific performances of last season.

It’s impossible to know how he would have developed as a player had he not encountered Ryan Shawcross that fateful day, but one thing is for sure – he is on track to be an Arsenal’s star for many years to come.

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