Sturridge – Fit or not, you go out there for England

Daniel Sturridge has risked upsetting his manager at Liverpool by declaring that he will play for England whether he is injured or not.

The forward started on the bench for Liverpool against Everton at the weekend after he returned from international duty with a thigh problem.

Despite being injured while on international duty, Sturridge played against Germany and while he was able to come off the bench to score Liverpool’s equaliser at the weekend, it is surely not a good idea for any player to continue playing which carrying an injury as sooner rather than later it is going to catch up on them.

Speaking to the press, Sturridge said

For me, regardless of what condition you are in, if you are selected by the manager of England you go out there and do the best you can, regardless of whether you are injured or not.

The manager (Roy Hodgson) gave me that opportunity and it was a pleasure to put the England shirt on.

Fit or not fit, you go out and do your best.

Rodgers had said that he felt the player hadn’t played at his level in a few games and hinted that it could be because he was not able to train at certain times and seemed less than impressed prior to these comments. Rodgers said

There are maybe some games when he hasn’t played well and that has happened on the back of not training. There is a trend.

Sturridge does, however, admit that he needs to get the issue with his injury resolved, adding

“I have been hampered the last three league games since West Brom when I got the bang and I’ve had blood underneath one of my muscles and it is still there now.

“When I shoot from long distance I still feel it but it is getting better.

“I didn’t get to train much when I was with England, I think I only trained once before the game, and I need to get the momentum going to try to get right.

“I need to make sure I am in condition to go out there and do myself justice.

“It would be great to be back in the side. Fitness-willing and manager permitting I can can get back in the team and help us move up the table.”

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Lee Hurley

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