Paramedics called for problem with Kagawa

The Sun [paywall] are today reporting that paramedics were called to the house of Manchester United’s Shinji Kagawa after the player experienced breathing problems.

Neighbours who were worried about Kagawa were said to have called 99 with a spokesperson from the ambulance service saying

“We arrived at the scene within seven minutes to treat a person for breathing difficulties.”

The incident took place on Wednesday night after Manchester United’s game against Everton. Kagawa had been substituted during that game after 58 minutes although that is not believed to have been releated to what happened later that evening.

A spokesperson for Manchester United told the Sun

“He had a bit of a turn but he’s OK now.”

Kagawa did not need hospital treatment after the ambulance arrived with paramedics treating him at his home. It is not clear is the 24 year old will be fit to play for Manchester United at the weekend.

Lee Hurley

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