Spurs man working hard in training but needs to do it on the big stage

Roberto Soldado is working hard in training in order to get back to form says his manager.

Tim Sherwood has come out in defence of his £26m striker Roberto Soldado who continues to struggle in front of goal as he adjusts to life in the Premier League.

Missing another two great chances when he came on as a second half substitute on Sunday against Norwich, Sherwood believes that the forward just needs to net one and he will be finding the goal on a regular basis.

Sherwood said

“We’re waiting for him to take one and then hopefully the confidence will start flooding back for him.

“He’s getting the opportunities to score but he just needs to take one.

“He’s fine, he trains well and he’s a good lad who works hard.

“Yes, he puts them away in training, but as I say it’s all about scoring on the big stage and we know he can do it, we’ve seen him do it over the years so hopefully he’ll finish one soon.

“Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later that he puts one in the net.

“He just needs to take one. It happens, strikers have a lull at times and Robbie needs to get out of this one.

“It’s going to take probably one off his backside for it to happen.

“Unfortunately he’s had another couple of chances missed, but not only him there were a few other glaring misses I thought.”

The 28 year old has only scored one goal in his last 11 games and has yet to register in 2014.

Although it is clear that Soldado’s confidence is suffering, it must be remembered that it is only his first season in a new league in a new country with a new team.

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