PICTURE Arsenal man undergoes cryotherapy to aid recovery

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has been undergoing cryotherapy to help aid his recovery from a fractured foot.

The midfielder posted this picture of himself:

wilshere cryo

Cryotherapy uses low temperature to treat a number of conditions on an either local or general target and has its roots as far back as the seventeenth century.

The aim of the treatment is decrease cellular metabolism, inflammation, pain and spasm while promoting cellular survival. The use of a cryogenic chamber for therapy is being used by some sports therapists instead of ice packs or cold water immersion. The chamber is typically cooled using liquid nitrogen and drops to around minus 120 degrees c.

This type of therapy is usually only used for around three minutes, so it’s not clear, given that Jack Wilshere underwent 12 minutes of therapy, if the methods used were exactly the same as these but given his mention of the slightly ‘warmer’ temperature of minus 100 degrees, it would seem like they are, especially when broken in to two six minute sessions with a break in between.

It is hoped that Wilshere can return to action for Arsenal in the middle of April after suffering the fracture while on international duty for England.

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