Rodgers warns Liverpool captain to be careful

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has warned captain Steven Gerrard about his mounting yellow card tally as he tries to avoid having his midfielder suspended for two games.

Gerrard has racked up nine yellows already this season and Rodgers is concerned that a tenth yellow before the amnesty kicks in next month could see a two-game suspension hit their title hopes. Third favourites for the title when it comes to Premier League football betting, Rodgers knows that something small could be all it takes to derail what has been a brilliant league campaign from his side so far.

Speaking to the media ahead of the Premier League game against  Sunderland at Anfield, Rodgers said

“We just have to cope with the situation. I have spoken to him about it and we just have to be that extra bit careful.

“I think he has been very unlucky. His last two bookings have been unlucky. The one against Manchester United should never have been a booking.

“He won a header that was very difficult to win and he was unfortunate against Cardiff at the weekend because he committed a foul which also should not have been a booking.

“We didn’t help him because we gave away the ball so cheaply. He has been unfortunate picking up some unnecessary bookings that were not through him.

“It’s a role he can play and he will find a way, I’m sure. He just has to be a bit more cautious but he is clever enough to get through that.”

Liverpool are currently three points ahead of Arsenal and two ahead of City. Should they collect all three points on Tuesday night they will move to within one point of league leaders Chelsea.

Manchester City do, however, have two games in hand over Liverpool.

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