Everton want Manchester United duo


After spending last summer fending off bids from Manchester United for a number of their own players and failing to keep Marouane Fellaini, it seems that Everton are set to turn the tables this summer.

A report, which seems to have originated in the Times, is claiming that Everton are readying a £6m bid for midfielder Tom Cleverly with Alex Buttner also on their radar.

Cleverly, a product of United’s youth system, has come in for a lot of criticism this season due to his performances, as has Buttner, but this doesn’t seem to have deterred Everton.

While a bid for Cleverly looks like it could be around the corner, the interest in Buttner is no further along than the speculation stage.

With David Moyes recently departed from United and a new manager likely to want to put his own stamp on the side, it is clear that the upheaval  at United is set to be even more major than last summer when Sir Alex Ferguson left.

Which players make the cut remains to be seen but it is unlikely that Everton will get any answers regarding the players they are interested in until the new manager is in place.

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Lee Hurley

Writer specialising in good football and bad relationships. If in doubt, assume sarcasm.

  • Patrick Ciccu

    why united should do Busness with Everton !!!!!!!!!!?, u can have clevely for 10 Million ….6 Million is a laugh he playes in League, champions League & natinal team , u can forget about Buttner not even if Everton offer 30 Million…. if u wont both 60 million or piss off Everton .. we wil hold u to Ransome just like u did to us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ewarwoowar

      He won’t be playing in the champions league next year…. unless he moves… can he continue to guarantee an England place in a midtable team? He probably needs to move to for the good of his career.

    • alex

      Buttner hahahaha, we could hold you to ransom… you cant due to your situation thats the difference. Id take cleverly for 8 as he is a talented player that is not used correctly at MUFC and one martinez has already helped to perform at high levels. Buttner though… keep him thanks, he got absolutely pilaged at the weekend.

      • Patrick Ciccu

        So u think Everton going to stay up on top4 every year,first. Half of everton team are loaned players they won’t be there next year second u need alot alot off money to stay in champions l, so enjoy this moments next year eveton will Be religated &Bankrupt talk in a years time, whatch what I said, we are the ones who will be laughing hahaha u see

        • alex

          awful argument, barry is signing at season end, lukaku is replacable by signing any striker that will get youi 15+ goals a season… someone like remy who we are going in for. Deulofeu has not been near prolific this season and as such has not started the majority of games. We are the most financially secure team in the premier league who makes a profit year on year.. more than you can say for MUFC who have lost 250mill in share prices alone. Relegated when we have a young side coming in 4th this year with stones, coleman, mccarthy, oviedo all of which would walk into uniteds current side. I can see you dont know much about football and team facts though so its Everton fans laughing at your poor argument.

          • Patrick Ciccu

            Like I said we talk in a years time, remember everyone don’t have cash to buy big players u need big players to win champions league, u need good bench players, not this young everyone side remember in all copertions u need world class playersand no injurys more gameseverton will start to flop with enjurys u see and united next year will distroy the league & final champions league the love revenge,so just enjoy this season we talk in a years time

          • alex

            okay, that seems a bit more of a valid argument but look how well atletico are doing in the champions league… this season everton are 11 points off first which is considerably more than mufc and we have got there by being consistant. If we get champions league there is a high chance of lukaku staying and our owner has said there is 100% a fair bit of money in the pot. Now 11 points and money to spend off the top spot I think makes EFC look good money to at least reach the champions league? youd have to go back quite a long way to find the last time that man u outplayed everton to the same level that everton outplayed man u last weekend. We had our whole back line out with injuries this season, Lukaku missed a lot, weve also had 2 other strikers out, Barkley has been injured too along with 2 of our wingers so how you can argue we wont deal with injuries im not sure? please enlighten me

          • Patrick Ciccu

            Alex I can understand ur point, and I’m happy sieng teams like. Eveton improving Wichita makes the league more compertative not like other leagues its not only united have bad season look at Madrid, Barcelona,Milan, dortmand these are a few, champions league is another ball game, u are playing with the best, I sappier united but I sappory ecru English team there except just one teamand we both have in common we both hate livershit badly the only team I don’t give a dame hate the busteds,Alex look how long it took livershit to be top 2,off course united had a disasters year, next year it will be diffrent, so what we had 1 bad year,next year u will see the real united spirit, attacking, goals & lifting severel cups,united gave English football what it is today,will be challenging everyone next year, and I hope teams like everyone can show other teams how its done, u will have my sappier next year don’t wry, and good luck in future be proud off your team, but I like to meet u in a years time. 😀

          • alex

            true but liverpoo have been there before… teams do run in cycles, in 1985 everton were the best team in europe hands down. haha well if you remember write on this in a years time and we will see where youve got and how much youve spent 😛

  • Cyanide Sid

    Now now Patrick u poached our manager so we didn’t get no compensation and we took u to the cleaners with the fellaini transfer ( thank you very much ) it just back fired on u big time so we wouldn’t give u more than £5m for cleverly very over rayed but could be squad player for us hahahahahahahahaha laughing all the way to the bank

  • Darren Cowzer

    We (Everton) do not want these players, nowhere near as good as Our Players, We will take Chicorito for 15 Million though – p.s – Thanks for the 6 points – COYB !

    • Patrick Ciccu

      In ur dreams keep dreaming why would united let him join everyone, his more with Madrid atletico Madrid, but not everyone 15 million ur u crazy u mean 35 million