Giggs knows what Manchester United fans want in a way Moyes never understood


Ryan Giggs took charge of his first Manchester United press conference earlier on Friday as interim United manager and his comments couldn’t have been further away from what fans have been listening to from David Moyes during his short-lived tenure.

Shadowed by the Grim Reaper at his final game against his old club Everton, Moyes steered United to one defeat too many, assuring them of at least one season without Champions League football, the bare minimum that was expected of him when he was instilled as United manager.

One of the most frustrating things for many United fans, used to the determined and firebrand style of management from Sir Alex Ferguson, was having to listen to Moyes talk about what his team would ‘try’ to do in the wake of yet another defeat. United fans didn’t want to be told what their club aspired to be, they knew that their club was at the top of the tree. ‘Trying’ was for managers of clubs further down the table, not for a club which had not long ago sealed its 20th league title.

So in came Ryan Giggs and his words demonstrated a man who ‘gets’ United in the same way that the fans do.

Giggs said

“My immediate aim is to win on Saturday and I felt just the way to do that is to make training as enjoyable as I can so they can go out and play and they’ve done that.”

Giggs won’t be sending his team out to ‘try’ and win, rather, he will be expecting it.

He added

“I want the passion that should come with being a Manchester United player. It’s going to be my philosophy, obviously the Manchester United philosophy as I’ve been here for all my career.

“I want players to play with passion, speed, tempo and be brave with imagination, all the things that are expected of a Manchester United player.”

David Moyes never knew what it meant to be a Manchester United player and having won nothing in his career as a manager he was expected to command the respect of a bunch of players who had won more in their last season under Sir Alex than Moyes had managed in his whole career.

Do or do not, as Yoda said. There is no try. Ryan Giggs gets that, and for United, that could be the difference between continuing to slide or returning to winning ways.

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Lee Hurley

Writer specialising in good football and bad relationships. If in doubt, assume sarcasm.