Barcelona still want Liverpool star but also want apology


Many speculated that Luis Suarez’s ban for biting Chiellini would put off his potential suitors but Sport in Spain are reporting that Barcelona are still very keen on bringing the forward to the Nou Camp.

According to the piece in Spain Barcelona were very close to agreeing a deal with Liverpool after already obtaining an agreement with the player. The fee is said to be in the region of €60m and his ban is viewed as no obstacle given that he would be signing on a four year deal and would only be banned until the start of November.

Sport also report that Barcelona are expecting an apology from Suarez before they continue, hoping to hear the player state that he will not repeat the same sort of behaviour in the future. If the apology is not forthcoming within the next few weeks then Barcelona will end their interest in him.

Suarez’s post-match comments after biting Cheillini:

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Lee Hurley

Writer specialising in good football and bad relationships. If in doubt, assume sarcasm.