Liverpool star issues official apology – just like Barcelona wanted

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez has, after initially denied he sunk his teeth in to Giorgio Chiellini, issued an official apology and promised that it will never happen again. twitter-suarez

It had been reported earlier in the week that Barcelona would require an apology from the player and a promise that it would not happen again before they would consider signing him.

Suarez is still at his home just 40km outside of the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. Much speculation has surrounded his future since he was handed the unprecedented punishment by FIFA but it is still not clear where the forward will be playing his football next year.

After a strong display last year from the club’s owners in the face of bids from Arsenal for their star-man, Liverpool fans will be hoping for more of the same this summer to ensure the best deal possible for the club – whether that means allowing Suarez to leave or to remain and try to redeem himself with the Merseyside side.

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Lee Hurley

Writer specialising in good football and bad relationships. If in doubt, assume sarcasm.