VIDEO Leicester City shooting practice

Kevin Phillips took his first coaching session on Tuesday.

The former forward put his players through a shooting practice session which can be seen below:

Leicester gained promotion back to the top flight of English football after ten years in the lower leagues when they won the Championship last season.

They will open their league campaign against Everton on August 16th.

Speaking just a few days ago, Kevin Phillips said

After a nice summer break, I began my new career as a coach at Leicester last week – but don’t worry, I’ve still been doing all the pre-season running!

I always pushed myself hard in training as a player and I’ve not ducked out of any fitness sessions this summer. But what I have had to get used to are the long hours. Being a coach is like having a proper job!

I’m under no illusions, I may be at a Premier League club, but I’m starting my coaching career on the bottom rung of the ladder and it’s going to be a learning curve for me. I had to do it the hard way as a player, though, where I came through non-league and now I’m trying to work my way up in coaching.

Fortunately I’ve got excellent teachers in Nigel Pearson, Craig Shakespeare and the rest of the coaching team at Leicester and I’m taking plenty of notes – something I haven’t done for 20 years!

Leicester will feature in the Injury League for the first time this season.

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