Chelsea romping away from Liverpool and Manchester City – loan watch 14/15

The Winter transfer window opens on 3rd January and closes on 2nd February this year, with loans to teams outside the Barclays Premier League allowed to be completed after this date.

Whether some teams use the loan system as their primary means of developing players, some, quite clearly, use it a lot more than others as the table below shows with Chelsea utilising the system far more than their rivals. They began the window at 25 and were up to 28 at one point.

Below is a quick snapshot of all official loan agreements as of 16 January 2015.

It includes many that carry into February per prior loan agreements and subsequent extensions.

Both Liverpool and Manchester City have swapped positions, as have Tottenham and Manchester United, since the beginning of the window. Arsenal have moved up 2 and bumped Aston Villa out of the 6th position, with Leicester City moving up 4 slots to 8.

Loan Watch Table 150116* Updated 16 Jan 2015

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