Podolski wanted goodbyes from the Arsenal manger, he got something worth more

Lukas Podolski isn’t best pleased with Arsene Wenger.

The German international, who left to join Inter Milan on a season long loan is miffed that Wenger didn’t say goodbye to him. Odd, of course, but no doubt there is a reason – like he was busy when Podolski went running out the door waving his Inter Milan scarf above his head.

Lukas Podolski

Of course, it’s easy to blame the Arsenal manager and forget it was he who held the door open for Podolski, allowing him to leave in the middle of the season when many other managers would have told him to shut up and work harder at his present club if he wanted more time on the pitch.

Arsene Wenger didn’t do that.

Knowing he would be sending Yaya Sanogo out on loan the Arsenal manager still respected Lukas Podolski’s wishes and allowed him to leave, weakening his own squad to allow the German to play elsewhere.

Speaking to the Sun, Podolski said

“He said nothing to me. He did not call me or say goodbye.
“I don’t need flowers or a kiss from him.
But it is about respect, about saying goodbye. For me respect is important.
“I did everything for the club I possibly could have. I don’t believe I did anything wrong. I did not get drunk in a club.
“I wish all of Arsenal and their amazing fans the very best for this season and I see myself as a Gunner.
“Nothing from him to me, though, but that is his way.”

He may not have got his but he got more than he would have got from most other managers.

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