Arsenal, Newcastle top Injury League 3 years – Chelsea bottom

Injury League Analysis – A common complaint from fans and pundits alike is that a particular team in the Barclay’s Premier League would have done a lot better if it weren’t for the tremendous amount of injuries sustained. This year seemed especially worse to some, moreso than others.

Granted, some teams have their issues with injuries this year: particularly from the Manchester United and Arsenal camps. But is there something to these claims?

The chart below looks at the weekly Injury League as presented at this point in the season over the past three years.

For the most part, Arsenal, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Aston Villa all have a valid reason, ranking consistently high in this competition that no one really wants to win.

There are a few other surprising trends: Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton have shown a steady increase in injuries over the past three years.

Each of these three have had multiple managerial and  staff changes over the period, with Liverpool to a lesser extent since Brendan Rodgers began there in 2012.

Along those same lines are the numbers for Southampton and Stoke City with strikingly higher injury counts this season as both Ronald Koeman and Mark Hughes settle in.

This indicates a possible change in the style of play, training regimen, or injury treatment to hasten (or in some cases hamper) players back into readiness.

Those same changes could have positive benefits.

For example, Manchester City has shown a gradual decrease over the period as Manuel Pellegrini took over from Roberto Mancini’s management.

Tottenham have been in managerial flux for the past five years are similarly in the middle of the list, but are showing particular improvement under Mauricio Pochettino this season – having zero injuries registered over the past five weeks.

Jose Mourinho also improved Chelsea’s already low injury rate in his second year at the helm. They are consistently at the bottom of the Injury League table – But no one’s really sure how that’s even possible without any voodoo going on.

Injury League ComparisonThe current Premier League Injury Table can be found here, as well as in the sidebar.

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