Newcastle stay top, Arsenal overtake Manchester United at second in the Injury League

Newcastle United remain clear leaders at the top of this season’s injury league.

The Magpies maintain their lead by adding another eight points along with Arsenal, Aston Villa, and Liverpool this week.

Arsenal are fresh on the heels of their spectacular FA Cup win over Manchester United on Monday. That match saw Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain suffer a hamstring injury that will keep him out of action for at least 3 weeks, but was also enough to thrust the Gunners ahead of the Red Devils in Injury League table.

Newcastle, Manchester United and Arsenal have struggled to cope with the large numbers of injuries they have picked up over the season. However, Manchester United have fared much better of late, only averaging 3 points in each of the past 9 weeks.

Chelsea, who are at the bottom of the Injury League table, continue to keep their physio room fairly empty. Since Jose Mourinho has used no more than 22 players with almost no rotation it will be interesting to see how well his team’s fitness holds up through May. The recent Capitol One Cup winners are also still (as of this writing) engaged in the UEFA Champion’s League.

With only 10 games left and a commanding lead of 66 points it would be nearly impossible for Arsenal or Manchester United to replace Newcastle at this point.

The real race is to see who will round out the top four as Everton and Liverpool continue to edge closer to those positions. Both Mersey sides are currently separated from second by no more than 27 points.

Injury League Table - Last updated 11th Mar 2015
Last updated 11th Mar 2015
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