Who are the most injury prone footballers?

Being at the peak of physical fitness is of course beneficial in whatever realm of sport you are participating in.

In the world of football it is crucial that you keep yourself fit and healthy for those intense weekly battles on the pitch. But there are a number of professional footballers who have always found themselves plagued by injury problems during their football playing careers which have not only hindered their development in the game, but have also caused headaches for their teammates and managers.

Darren Anderton


Often nicknamed ‘sicknote’ in his heyday the Spurs midfielder Darren Anderton suffered a number of career stunting injuries that ranged from hernia, knee, Achilles and groin problems. Anderton spent 14 years at the club making just 299 appearances.

Owen Hargreaves

One of the most promising players in the Premier League a few years back was defensive midfielder Owen Hargreaves. Sadly however he was consistently tormented by injuries that always seem to hold him back from his true potential. He spent a number of years playing for German club Bayern Munich but in 2007 broke his leg which kept him away from the game for a while, and this eventually led to him with an ongoing patellar tendinitis injury. Hargreaves joined Manchester United but was still haunted by the injury which recurred throughout his time with the reds. In 2011 he joined North West rivals Manchester City but only made a single appearance for the club.

Jonathan Woodgate

Woodgate is another prime example of a great English player who was never able to truly hit his professional stride constantly being hindered by injury. When Woodgate joined Newcastle United in 2003 he was met with much acclaim but unfortunately due to a serious injury his season was cut short. He played for a number of clubs following the Magpies all of which had seen him sitting on the sideline nursing a number of injuries.

Jack Wilshere

Recently Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere returned to first team football after being out of the game for five and a half months with an ankle injury. It was the most recent in a number of injuries the 23 year old had suffered over the past few seasons. Now the young lad is hoping to be fit and sharp enough to take a spot in the squad that’ll take on Aston Villa in the FA Cup final at the end of May, and he’ll trying hard to impress Arsene Wenger in the meantime. It could be worth taking advantage of some of the current Paddy Power offers and wagering on whether or not Wilshere will make a mark on the game come the 30th May.

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