Arsenal boost: Key midfielder available for Sunderland, another returns to training

Arsene Wenger delivered the news that all Arsenal fans have been waiting for on Wednesday: Jack Wilshere is available for selection on Sunday.

The midfielder has been sidelined for the entire season with a broken foot, followed by numerous setbacks. He’s appeared three times for the Arsenal u21 side and, according to Wenger, is looking sharp and even scored on Monday.

“He’s absorbed his first obstacle well, that means get games and finally get 90 minutes,” Wenger said.

“The positive is that he’s had no setbacks and in every game he was sharper. So that means he’s got a good fitness basis and overall now the progression should be normal.

“He’s available for selection from… I don’t think from tomorrow but from the next game on. It’s just now, do I select him or not?”

This leaves Wilshere with just three matches left to prove he’s ready to travel to Euro 2016 in France. Speaking about his chances of selection, Wenger insisted that the 24-year-old is more than ready.

“Yes [he will be ready], because he’s played three games already and I think physically he should,” the boss said.

“The euros start on the 10th of June and until the 10th of June there’s still nearly two months. So I think if you’re looking at his fitness at the moment in two months he should be perfectly fit.”

“If he has no setbacks he’ll not be a gamble [to bring to the Euroes].”

Arsenal are understandably being cautious with the midifeidlder given his history with injuries. Rushing him back could easily lead to another setback and this is the last thing Arsenal need. Saying this, Wilshere himself will be keen to prove he’s ready to compete for his country.

In other news, Santi Cazorla has returned to training but Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is still out.

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