Leeds’ owner targets European domination

Leed United owner, Massimo Cellino, has tipped his club to become one of the best in Europe.

The Italian is known for being a character and his recent comments regarding the Championship club are likely to get tongues wagging once again.

Speaking recently, the entrepreneur revealed, “My daughter said last week, ‘Daddy, Leeds is killing you’. I know but I don’t like to give up. The fans want to win but I want to win bigger. I don’t want to go into the Premier League then back. I want to go in the Premier League then compete for the Champions League.”

Before this, Cellino was full of radical statements regarding other managers and finances, and clearly doesn’t care about what the Leeds fans actually think about him.

“I can be the best a—hole in the world but I’m not a bad person and I never want to hurt anyone,” he said to the Telegraph. “I can be a pain in the a— but I’m not a bad person. So when people say I’m dishonest, it hurts me.

“When I watch a movie, I’m the sort who wants the police to win, not the bad guys. Some think I’m Machiavellian. ‘You see, Massimo Cellino is a motherf—–.’ I’m not. Sometimes I do things without thinking but if I make a mistake people think I did it on purpose.

(Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

“When the fans call me a b——, it hurts me a lot, but I understand the fans who are p—– off. Maybe if I was in their position I’d say the same thing. They’re so used to eating s— that they don’t believe something good could happen. So many times they’ve had the illusion of the right thing coming along so why should they believe Massimo Cellino is the right one?

“Can you imagine staying in Leeds when the people want to kill you? I’m depressed. People tell me to go away. F—— hell. But I’m not going away because I’m not a coward. Otherwise I’d have already run away.”

The Peacocks were one of the biggest clubs in England once upon a time, having won their last first division title in 1992, as well as numerous other domestic honours since, and although they’re now in the Championship, it’s not reaching to say that they could once again be a Premier League team. However, considering they’re currently 12th, it’s unlikely that this will happen anytime soon.

Them becoming European champions is even more of a reach. However, it’s good to see the owner has so much faith in his team.

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