Liverpool players unhappy with Klopp ahead of Borussia Dortmund return

Some Liverpool players are reportedly unhappy after Jurgen Klopp moved the time of their training sessions.

The Reds travel to Germany for their next Europa League game after the footballing Gods decreed that Klopp should return to the club where he is exalted at the very first opportunity.

Liverpool already face a tough task against one of the best sides in Europe, but unhappy players will not help their cause.

The claim is that by moving their Melwood training sessions to 3pm the players are tired after having to look after their own children.

What an outrage!

Despite the report claiming that some players are unhappy, they aren’t unhappy enough to make a complaint to their manager.

Perhaps they thought a better course of action would be to speak to a paper instead and let them do what they were too afraid to do themselves – tell their manager what they really think.

Then again, all this could have stemmed from one player moaning one time and being overheard by the wrong person.

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Lee Hurley

Writer specialising in good football and bad relationships. If in doubt, assume sarcasm.