Goalkeeper dies after being struck by lightning

Australian goalkeeper, Stefan Petrovski, has died in hospital after being struck by lightning during a training session at the start of April.

The 18-year-old, who played for Melaka United in the Malaysian second division, was one one of two players who were hit by the freak incident and had been in intensive care after the lightning knocked him unconscious and he had to be resuscitated.  21-year-old Muhd Afiq Azun, was not seriously injured.

“He [Petrovski] received initial treatment at the emergency unit. After that he was transferred to the intensive care unit for further treatment,” Malacca Hospital director Datuk Dr. Za’aba Baba told The Sun shortly after the incident.

“His condition is stable and his breathing is supported with a ventilator.”

Petrovski’s mother told the media that she was ‘begging for a miracle’ but sadly that was not to come as the player passed away almost a month after receiving his injuries.

After her son was moved to a specialist hospital in Melaka just over two weeks ago, she said  “Ever since the first day he opened his eyes, we were so happy to see gradual improvement each day. Although he couldn’t move, I could tell when he was sad, frustrated, confused, afraid or calm. He cried on several occasions. 

“Two days ago he responded to pain stimuli but seemed to be fighting something. He had high fever, blood pressure and heart rate. He hasn’t opened his eyes since then. 

“Yesterday he lost consciousness and currently in a comatose state. They did a CT scan yesterday. Unfortunately his condition is worsening. He now has severe cerebral edema which means his whole brain is swelling. No one could explain why his condition has worsened.”

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