Divock Origi gives Liverpool supporters a welcome lift

Divock Origi’s recent comments, while designed to lift the spirits of Liverpool fans, will also impact online soccer betting odds. The footballers ankle injury picked up during the Merseyside derby initially ruled Origi out for the remainder of the season.

However, Origi seems determined to drag himself back into the game through sheer force of will, committing himself to a rapid recovery. If all goes according to plan, Liverpool supporters could see him return to the pitch before the summer.

The striker made comments about this rehabilitation process this week, saying that he was making very good progress. He also added that he was looking forward to returning to the field and playing the game he loves.

With only ten days since he began his rehab, Origi is working hard to heal, taking things one step at a time. According to Origi, every achievement he makes in his recovery, no matter how small, is worth celebrating.

Origi arrives at Melwood very early in the morning and he doesn’t leave until the sun begins to set. That means he spends a good number of hours working his body, transforming his injuries one day at a time and making every effort possible to get back to his team.

Speaking to Origi, you cannot help but believe him. You know there is truth to his optimistic outlook because he clearly believes in his ability to make a quick recovery regardless of the odds.

Origi is a fan favorite at the moment.

His performances leading the line under Jurgen Klopp have earned him numerous admirers. Clearly, the enthusiasm with which Origi is attacking his recovery has something to do with the loyalty he feels he owes his fans, Origi, on more than one occasion, saying that he needed to repay his supporters for all the motivation they had given him.

As far as Origi is concerned, when you receive love like he has from supporters, you can only reward it with hard work; and for Origi, his fans are a large part of why he is so enthusiastic about his rehabilitation efforts, giving it everything he has in order to return to his teammates and help them attain victory.

Origi has a special love for the game of football. The idea that so many important games are coming around the corner and he might be unable to participate in his team’s efforts probably depresses him.

Of course, the game of football is no stranger to injuries. Origi refuses to fall behind, though. He has every intention of using the time given him to become stronger, returning to the pitch with both the strength and the skill to truly make a difference.

Emre Can is another player also fighting to recover from a similar injury. Whether or not the German midfielder can make a full recovery before the end of the season, Klopp needs both Can and Origi as he makes his push towards European Glory.

Can and Origi are bound to play key roles in the future of Klopp’s side, complementing the likes of Joe Gomez who also only recently returned to the training grounds after a frustrating injury.

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