West Bromwich Albion percentage of season missed by players through injury 15/16

EVERYONE COMPLAINS ABOUT HAVING INJURED PLAYERS – especially impact players that are essential to team success. It always seems that just when you’ve gotten those players off of the physio table and back onto the pitch, someone else goes right back in.

It begs the question: Just how much was that particular player missing?

In order to answer this, we’ve produced an team-by-team series that assesses just how much each player was not contributing. It starts with the first week of the season and counts each week a player was a statistic in our weekly Injury League table: From 12 Aug 2015 through 18 May 2016.

West Bromwich Albion percentage of season missed

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Mark J. Fine

Yank (native New Yorker, no less) and self-proclaimed Anglophile that has aspired to make tea at the BBC as a career opportunity, ever since discovering it on shortwave radio circa 1974. See what I did right there?

  • Chris Riches

    Just how were these figures calculated? Craig Dawson started all 38 games this season and would likely have been 100% of minutes on the pitch too had he not have gone off injured with a minor foot problem at half time in one of those games.

  • MarkJFine

    Before you start using terms like “stupid article”, it never said “missed games”. It said “not contributed” and that includes training. Dawson was listed as injured four times during Feb/Mar:
    10 Feb – Ankle Injury
    24 Feb – Ankle Injury
    09 Mar – Ankle Injury
    16 Mar – Foot injury

    Since you apparently know your team’s injury record better than anyone, you clearly should have known this.

  • MarkJFine

    Sorry this little statistic is such a problem for you. After collecting data for 10 months, I think I know what I’m referring. Perhaps it’s you that doesn’t. I’ll be sure to forewarn other professionals that publish things like ‘days missed due to injury’ that you think they’re wrong as well. lol

    • albion

      Your article was shit and boring, get over it

      • MarkJFine

        Bye, Bradley.