Worst Football Injuries

Football injuries are kind of like car crashes, you don’t want to look away but it’s kind of horrifying and these are some of the worst. It’s the sight that we love to hate and these types of injuries can even ruin a player’s career.

Who could forget the leg fracture that Henrik Larsson got in 1999 during a match against Lyon. His unfortunate tackle moved his shin and it was a gruesome sight to behold, but we all tuned in. On average, a double leg fracture takes around 4 months, though it can take as long as 6. This gave Celtic fans plenty of time to play on new gaming sites while they waited for the Swedish player to recover. Thankfully, Larsson made a speedy recovery and was back on the pitch in no time.

Djibril Cisse has had a long history of leg injuries though he has made more than a few miraculous recoveries. His first major injury came as he fell over when his boot caught in the grass around the pitch. The result was a fall that put the player out of the game with a fracture in two places on his left leg. After a gruelling recovery, he then shattered his other leg during a friendly match with China, though he was back in the game just 7 months later.

It’s not that often that a goalkeeper gets injured, purely because they don’t play as offensive a role. Whereas a striker is more prone to breaking their leg, a goalkeeper is more likely to break a bone in their hand or stave fingers. Petr Cech has probably sustained the worst injury ever for a goalkeeper, as the injury actually threatened his life.


He received a nasty head injury when a player on the opposing team kicked him in the head by accident. As with all head blows, it was taken extremely seriously and he was immediately taken to hospital for evaluation. Cech was operated on because doctors were worried that he had a blood clot in his brain and was back on the pitch within just a few months. He has been allowed to wear a soft head guard to protect his skull, as it was prone to another fracture.

One injury that lead to a huge outcry was the sheer attack that West German player Harald Schumacher performed against Patrick Battiston. It’s widely regarded as one of the most blatant and violent fouls that has ever taken place on the pitch. Schumacher barrelled into Battiston and they collided mid-air, resulting in extensive surgery for the latter.


We could never miss out the sickening injury that caused the BBC to intervene and take the injury off the air. David Busst collided with Peter Schmeichel and broke his leg so badly that the bone came through the skin. The horror on the pitch caused Schmeichel weeks of counselling and Busst would never play again. He remains positive though, saying that he was glad that he was at least able to walk.

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