Which Premier League club has wasted the most money on injured players?

With the new 2017/18 Premier League season underway and 91 players already sidelined, we look at which club has wasted the most money on injured players.

Everton has entered the new season with the most players sidelined – 8. While Southampton currently have no one out of action.

However, while the Toffees haven’t started out with a fully fit squad this term, during the 2016/17 season, they lost 675 days to injured players. While this might sound like a lot, compared to West Ham (1,130) they remained relatively injury-free.

The combined cost of the Hammers’ squad last year was ‘only’ £171m though. Therefore, while they had the highest volume of injuries, they didn’t spent the highest amount on their players so it’s unlikely that they’ve wasted the most money.

To find the most money wasted on injured players, we need to look at the teams who are worth the most: Manchester United (£628m), Manchester City (£532m), Chelsea (£419m), Arsenal (£332m) and Liverpool (£310m).

These teams aren’t just worth the most, they tend to pay the highest wages with City paying a total of £225m to their squad in 2016/17m with the injury-prone captain, Vincent Kompany, collecting £120k-per-week in wages alone.

Now, since the Gunners suffered the most injuries the previous season, wasting £15m in wages, you’d probably bet on them to have wasted the most cash overall. In fact, since they’ve already got six players out of action this term, most football betting tips would point to them being the most injured club in the Premier League again and potentially wasting the most cash. Moreover, although Arsenal were one of the most profitable clubs in the Premier League, they flattered to deceive over the course of the season and finished fifth.

Their injury record and poor form has now affected their chances of winning the title for the first time since 2004 and their odds to win the league this term are worse than north London rivals’, Tottenham.

However, while they handed £16.3m in wages to injured players last season, which is a lot, but wasn’t the highest amount.

Manchester City were in fact the Premier League club which wasted the most money on injured players last year. They forked out £18.3m in wages to stars that were sidelined.

City’s astronomical wage structure combined with 524 days lost to injured players means that Pep Guardiola’s side have wasted the most money on injured players.

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