Paul Pogba set to return for Manchester United

There is no need for the long introduction of Paul Pogba.

The player is such a massive hit that his name alone invokes strong emotions for the United fans. The midfielder came to the United side in 2016 for a record fee of more than €100 million. It had been about two months since he was out of the team due to his injury. Now according to sources, he is expected to return to the team after the international break.

Pogba suffered a hamstring injury on Sept, 12 when he was playing against Basel in the team’s opening Champions League match. It appeared to be a minor injury at that time but expanded over the period, causing him to remain out of the side for about two months now. It has cost him to lose the last 12 games of Manchester United.

The United coach Mourinho has given the week off to many players like Juan Mata, Chris Smalling and Scott McTominay. But Pogba has not been moved from Carrington in a bid to play against Newcastle on Nov, 18. The United players Marcos Rojo and Michael Carrick also joined him at the training.

The United team has missed Pogba a great deal especially in the big game against Chelsea. The United team lost that game against Chelsea 1-0 which left them second in the rankings. Their arch rivals Manchester City are clearly ahead of the United side with eight points now.

According to Gary Neville, the United team were very weak on the midfield side. He considered Pogba to be “a big miss” for the team. The midfield would have been far stronger if Pogba would have on the team. Although the former United player named Michael Carrick’s absence as well, still the absence of Pogba, he considered, to be more pressing.

The United side’s defence, midfield and forward have all seemed to be affected without the belligerence of Pogba on the field. Especially Henrikh Mkhitaryan and RomeluLukaku seem to miss his presence the most, since they both gave an incredible start but lost that spirit along the way. RomeluLukaku has now reached seven games without scoring any.

Thirteen players of the United team are away on international duty. Most of them are not expected to return until the next week. If the three players Pogba, Rojo and Carrick remain fit, there is a chance that Mourinho will include them in his main group for the match against Newcastle. Rojo has been out of team since his knee injury in April while Michael Carrick has not played since the win over Burton Albion.

It is important to mention here that Pogba was extremely useful in the start of the season in which theteam started off with an incredible performance.The Statistics alone show how important Pogba was for the United team. There is a clear difference in the figures of chances per game, big chances per game and goals per game with Pogba and without Pogba. He was scoring goals and creating lots of opportunities for others to score as well.

According to Jose Mourinho, the injured players can use the international break to get their fitness back. Not only the important midfielder Pogba, but the significant players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Michael Carrick and Marcos Rojo have all been out of the team due to their injuries. Zlatan and Rojo have been out of the team since the last season. These returns could be a big boost for the United side who are currently ranked at second in the Premier League.

With such big names returning to the United team, the next match of United against New Castle is going to get far more exciting. For all the punters, it looks like United is the only choice as winners. However, considering the close games that Newcastle has played plus their recent record against United at Old Trafford says that everything will not happen the way United would want.

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In terms of home record this season, the United team have won all their home games with an incredible aggregate of 15-0, however that goalscoring average is not expected to continue from them against Newcastle. After a fiery start this season, the United team has lost their winning spirit along the way after being defeated twice in away games against both chelsea and Huddersfield. That means that their rivals Manchester City is way ahead of them with clear eight points leading. The manager Jose Mourinho therefore would not want to lose any more points in the home game before the big matches coming up with Arsenal and later with City in the Manchester derby. Therefore, the Red Devils will definitely be aiming for three points.

However, the betting fans should remember that the United side could be in the fold of disappointment after the big lose recently against Chelsea, therefore they might not be that fiery in terms of goal scoring in the upcoming match. And it is also worth noting that although the Magpies have lost games recently, however those were particularly very close games. Their manager Rafael Benitez will definitely not be pleased with those loses of his team recently, especially the very close encounters because it shows their inability to score goals. Therefore, a containment job seems more likely for the visitors. They have stopped the United team from scoring in their previous two of the three games played at Old Trafford. That’s why it looks more probable that their fate will definitely not be that of the other teams like Everton, West Ham and Crystal Palace who were defeated with huge goal differences.

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