Injury League


Last updated 17th Dec 2014

Last updated 17th Dec 2014

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  • shuddertothink

    Hey, nice site. Just wildly confused as to where you get these totals from. 98 injuries for Arsenal is massively high. Physioroom isn’t the best source, but still. These numbers seem out. Just wanted to pass along my opinion as someone who has looked at this and still looks at man games lost to injury.

    • MarkJFine

      The numbers are compounded weekly, so Arsenal have averaged 8.17 injured players per week, over a 12 week period.

    • craig

      the funny thing bout this stat is it does not show who was missing, especially for arsenal. arsenal have had 6 off the best players in the squad injured, at the same time. gibbs koscielny ozil wilshere ramsey wallcott. all over there toughest spell in europe and the league. not bemoaning injuries, but what might have happened. never mentioned in the press, or when we played chelsea, city, everton, bayern. because for some reason the press hate on arsenal, for doing things the right way. good luck i hope liverpool win the league and show mourinho how football is evolving. stop parking the bus and playing 5 defensive midfielders lol

      • Luminous

        Bullshit. Whenever Arsenal has one or two injuries, the press write about it like it’s a crisis. United always get censored, not Arsenal. VIRUS CRISIS IN THE ARSENAL CAMP (against Dortmund last year) … 2 players with a virus. This year … “CRISIS IN ARSENAL” … 3 players out, Dortmund almost had their whole first eleven out. Mentioned in a tiny text in the end.

        United have, fyi, had many more key players out than Arsenal. We had 8 of our preferred 11 out at a point (longer period of time as well). Walcott can not be counted as a first eleven anymore, who is he supposed to replace even? Neither is Wilshere.

  • shuddertothink

    Cheers for the reply.

    Interesting. I track injuries, I get injuries from 2 different previews (guardian and who scored) then check if any of those players actually played in the game. The fourth piece of info involves following the local beat writer for each PL team, a beat writer who usually knows the knows the reasons a players is absent: illness/dropped/rested/whatever.

    Using all this, and not forgetting I am only using players that were registered in the official squad list, I get Arsenal at 62 injuries.

    Your Man City (I’m a city fan) number looks ok if you include John Guidetti who is essentially an academy player.

    • MarkJFine

      For the most part, it’s what is reported on PhysioRoom (see table on right), with some exceptions. Sometimes a player is reported even though he’s been sent on loan to another club. I don’t include those. For example, West Brom’s George Thorne, who is supposedly on loan to Watford.